I support teachers

Perhaps too much time has passed since we were all sitting at school desks, looking ahead to our teachers for guidance, but the attack on unionized teachers (and fire fighters and police officers) makes my stomach turn. This country, as great as it is, is only as strong as it's public school system. What the republican governors are doing in Wisconsin, Ohio, and Florida is indefensible. The teacher's union in Wisconsin has agreed to concessions, but Gov. Scott Walker refuses to budge. We're witnessing an all out assault on unions nationwide. Hasn't the little guy, the union worker sacrificed enough?

This issue is so near and dear to my heart because it's personal. My mom is a elementary school art teacher at a small public school in central Florida. Recently a Tampa news channel affiliate produced a story on my mom and her undying passion for teaching. You can view it online here. She's perhaps the happiest person I know at her job, she loves her students as her own. Please don't forget the teachers working hard in schools across the country everyday.