3x3 Annual 2012

cover: Wonil Suh

The 2012 3x3 Annual in the mail yesterday and it cheered me up. Looking through all the cool stuff, I was surprised to see these! No one had let me know I'd made it in this year. I'm most proud of the teacher piece. When I see it, I think first and foremost of Mom and how much she loved her kids. I think of my own teachers Mr. Portwood, Mrs. Hunter, Mr. Geist, Mrs. Wunker, and Mr. Herd. I think of my middle school art teacher Bob Lynn. I think of you Mrs. Robinson, I can still recite All the World's a Stage, I think of you Susan Story, though I never sat in one of your desks, you've helped us in so many other ways all the more. I think of Ms. Hazel Haley who taught highschool English for 69 years! ...even teaching a Governor of Florida. I think of Frau Chapman, my German Leherin, I think of Rebecca Sexton Larson, Karen DeMichael, and Rocky Bridges - you guys are such amazing artists! Sending out a BIG thanks to you all today for all the good that you do! Do you realize how much you shape us?